Week Four Part Two:

One website that I use frequently is Target's website is effective because it is very organized and easy on the eye. Their website is very easy to navigate through and you can search for things at the very top of the page. A good design principle they use are the tabs and categories they have at the top of the website. For example, they have a tab that says "categories" and they have a tab that days "deals". At the very top of the page they have other services they use such as registries or the Target Red Card. I think the way they have the page designed makes the consumer feel at ease and informed. This is important because that way, they will want to purchase more. I come back again to look at the deals they have going on. Its also very easy to online shop through their website and returning products is easy to do too. Target has a really good website, so I guess the only thing they could improve on would be to put more pictures. Wh…

Week Four Post One:

The first website I chose was: There are three potential problems with this website. The first one is that it is very chaotic. When I first clicked on the website I felt overwhelmed and I did not want to explore further into the website. The second problem is that I have no idea what this website is about. It does not have a clear description about the website. A third problem is that it is not very eye appealing. The color scheme is very bland and the font is very small. This website could be improved by changing the layout of it and giving it more color. This website can also have a clear description about what the website is all about. I read a little bit about the website but I just felt confused. That is not something you want from a customer looking at your website. 
   The second website I chose was: This one has similar problems to the last one I discussed about. This website is very cluttered. There is too much happening on the…

Week Three Part Two:

I am going to be researching auto repair shops. These auto repair shops are the top 5 AAA shops in our region.

Business number 1:
1. California Auto Centers, Inc.
3. They are using Facebook for their social media platform. It is at the very bottom of their website.
4. Their Facebook page looks decently used. Most of their posts are sharing reviews people have left them. They do not have many likes on their posts, however. 69 people have liked their web page.
5. Their last Facebook post was on January 27, 2018.
6. California Auto Center's social media use is minimal. Most of their posts are just sharing a link to RateABiz , which is just sharing people reviews for their business. They have a few posts of specials they have going on or some pictures of their mechanics. I think they need more social media use because they only have 69 total likes on their webpage. They only get a couple of likes on their actual posts which shows how many people visit…

Week Three Post One:

I have experienced difficulties communicating with a business. I bought a chunky blanket online and I got no email confirmation or a tracking number. However, they did process my card number and took the money out of my bank account. I emailed them and I got no response from them. I ordered this item in November and I did not receive my item until two days before Christmas. The product also looked nothing like the pictures they advertised on their website. They had absolutely no communication with me and they did not respond to any of my emails. I personally had a negative experience with this company so I would not be buying from them again.
   I believe social media does solve problems faster and it helps people get noticed. For example, I have seen many people post Facebook statuses about an item being stolen, and many people share the post. This helps it spread to people all over the country so they can keep a look out for the stolen object. There have been numerous cases where…

Week 2B: Posts I Commented On

I commented on Chad Mullen's post, Jordan Trantham's post and Michele Wojcik's post.

Week 2A: Social Media Platforms

I believe the social media platforms that are geared more towards personal use are Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. I believe these are more used for personal use because they are more about what you like and what your interests are. For example, Pinterest is about pinning things that you like or that you want to try for yourself. You can't really use Pinterest for business purposes unless you post recipes or DIY's. Snapchat is more for taking selfies with the cool filters and sending it to your friends. Business's can post advertisements on Snapchat but I don't know how well the app would work to post about your business.
   Social media platforms that are used for business are Facebook and Instagram. These are a great way to promote your business. Facebook you can easily create a business page and people can post and read reviews. Its similar to yelp in that way. A Facebook business page also lets you put times the business is open and phone numbers for th…

Week1B: Blogs I commented On

I commented on Annabella Estefano's blog, Alexa Kent's blog, Dustin Miller's blog, and Marc Rodriguez's blog.