Week 8A

I believe the only visual networks that could work for my company would be Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I think Youtube would be a great way to show customers what we do when we work on cars. It gives them a sneak peak at what happens out in the back of the shop. It may let them feel more comfortable with someone working on their car. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with our customers and it is an easy way to message us if they have a question. You can post pictures, videos and just statuses. It's very simple to use. Instagram would be a cool way to show pictures of the team working on cars or just of cars themselves.
   I don't think Pinterest would work for an auto repair shop because you can't really shop for items there. Auto repair shops are to fix your cars, you don't just shop around for items there. Twitter isn't a great idea for my business because I live in a small town. The majority of our customers are older and don't have a twitter.…

Week 7A

1. Blair's Automotive.
2. Fallbrook Smog
3. Max Car Wash
4. Fallbrook Rotary
5. Culley Repair
6. Redhawk Auto Service
7. Napa Auto Parts

I chose to like these pages because they all have a part in my business. They all are related to the automotive world. I chose Blair's Automotive, Fallbrook Smog, and Redhawk Auto Service because they are all other auto repair shops. They have good marketing skills. I think it is important to keep up to date with them. I chose Max Car Wash, Fallbrook Rotary, Culley Repair and Napa Auto Parts because they are all businesses in Fallbrook. We do deal with all of these companies almost everyday (Napa is definetly one we deal with everyday). I think I could grow the business by looking at what others are posting and basing my posts off that.

Week 6 part 2

Hi! I am sorry about this late post, I have been battling the flu. :(

1. Post reach is the number of people who saw your post in their newsfeed. It shows how many people saw your post and how efficient your post is reaching people. Post engagement is how many people are liking your post or how many people are interacting with it. It shows if people are liking it, commenting on it, sharing it, etc.

2. Knowing the difference is important in order to see how efficient your post is. If it is reaching people, but no-one is engaging in it, then maybe you need to reevaluate your post. You want to draw people in and maybe your post is not doing that. Having knowledge of those terms can help you determine how well your post is doing and how you can change it.

3. A business can use Facebook insights to view how well your posts are doing, such as if they are reaching people. Another thing a business can do with Facebook Insights is to keep track of your posts that get the most engagement, such a…

Week 6 Alternate Assignment

I am not sure when I first created this page. I think it was about 4 years ago? I was on Facebook one day and I realized that all these business's in our town had Facebook pages (even a small frozen yogurt shop had one).  I asked my dad if he had one for his business and he said no. So, I learned how to create one and it has been up and running ever since. We currently have 295 likes and 288 followers. My dad and I have been posting more lately because of this class. This class even inspired him to get his floors redone so we can take better pictures and update our website. We want to have a photoshoot and update our pictures that we have on the Facebook page and on our website. This is something important because you want to catch people's attention if they visit the page. We also want to have a better looking page than our competitors. Speaking of competitors, that brings me to my next point. The three businesses I will be researching will be auto repair shops in my town. Th…

Week 5 Part 2:

I think my target audience is people who are in their later adulthood. Between 30-70 years old. They have been working for a while and have a steady form of income. Fixing your car is not cheap so I think this is a good age group of people who want to fix their cars and see value in fixing their car. I think the perfect customer is someone who values their car and knows that fixing a car is not cheap. Just because you can find a part on amazon for $5 does not mean that your bill is going to be $5. My target audience is rationalized individuals who know what fixing a car entails.

Week Five Post One:

I believe Chili's target market is for the younger crowd on a budget, who still want good food and service. It has vibrant, inviting colors which catches your eye. I believe their call to action is the huge lettering of "Chili's is back baby" and the order now button in the middle of the page. They also have pictures of their food all over the website which persuades the consumers into ordering food. Teri Cafe's target market seems for people who are casual and want a quick bite. The first thing you see is a time-lapse of the restaurant and the customers who come in. Their website's color is more of a darker color. It has a very simple layout but the way you navigate through it is very easy to use. I think their call to action is the arrow at the bottom of the page. You click on it and it brings you to more about them and their menu.

The difference between the two the colors and pictures. You can tell through Chili's website that it is a more hip environm…

Week Four Part Two:

One website that I use frequently is Target's website is effective because it is very organized and easy on the eye. Their website is very easy to navigate through and you can search for things at the very top of the page. A good design principle they use are the tabs and categories they have at the top of the website. For example, they have a tab that says "categories" and they have a tab that days "deals". At the very top of the page they have other services they use such as registries or the Target Red Card. I think the way they have the page designed makes the consumer feel at ease and informed. This is important because that way, they will want to purchase more. I come back again to look at the deals they have going on. Its also very easy to online shop through their website and returning products is easy to do too. Target has a really good website, so I guess the only thing they could improve on would be to put more pictures. Wh…