week 17

My social media for business has improved through this course. We have been more frequent about posting on Facebook. We are trying our best to come up with new ideas to advertise. We have gained new customers and we have gained new likes on our page. Its cool to see our business grow.  I am very proud of everything that we have accomplished.

This course has really inspired us to improve our business.  I have revamped our website and made it more sleek and more organized. We have actually saved money by canceling unnecessary things on our website that we were paying extra for that we didn't need. This course has also inspired us to have our building look better and have more of our brand in our lobby. Here are some things that we have done.
1. We redid our floors out in the shop because they were stained with oil and dirt. They are now glossy and look so good. You can see them on the pictures on our instagram page.
2. We got a new window with our logo on it so you can see inside th…

Week 16

I have learned a lot from this semester. I learned what a good looking website is and how important it is to have a clean, organized website, I learned how to check analytics, how to have a call to action in my advertisements, to pay attention to my competitors and see what they are posting, etc. It is neat to think back on all of the projects we have done in this class and how much we have learned.

The best social media platform that I will use in my business will be Facebook. I believe it caters to my audience more and I feel like my audience uses facebook more than any other social media platform. However, now I know how to check my Facebook analytics so I can help improve my posts to reach more of an audience.

Personally, the social media accounts that I use the most in my free time are instagram and snapchat. I just am a visual person so I like seeing what people are up to more than I like reading what they are up to. I just feel like I can keep in touch with people this way and …


Sorry this is late! I just realized that I never posted it, it was only saved as a draft.

I checked the Facebook analytics on my page and I had a total of 43 page visits this week. I was hoping it would be higher since we have 322 likes, but unfortunately it was not. I think this just goes to show how posting an advertisement or at least posting something once a week can increase the number of visits. My goal is to get at least 50 page views this upcoming week so maybe we could post an advertisement or even just a picture of the team or something to keep the page interesting. The posts that got the most post reach and entertainment were the ones where we were advertising a deal or a special going on. So to keep reaching people we need to have more deals.

Checking the analytics is a great way to see what is going happening on your page and how you can change things to make your audience increase and keep customers coming back to your business. I will be using this feature to plan more …


I think the audience center tab was very interesting. I would like to work more with that and see who my audience is and how I can cater to them. I think the most important thing to check regularly is how many people are clicking on your website and who your audience is. This is a good way to cater to them and catch their attention. If my audience was the younger crowd I would try to grab their attention with memes or something like that. Considering my audience is mostly older people, I will keep it simple and straightforward.


I think for my business we could really implement the use of photo advertisement. It would be cool to post pictures of cars being worked on or pictures of our team diagnosing a car. I think that would catch peoples attention. Then the call to action could be "Free diagnostic Fridays" or something like that to get peoples attention and come into the shop. I think for my business we should post ads 1-2 times a month. We are in a small town and it does cost a lot to keep putting ads out there. Plus, I think if we keep posting pictures or statuses on Facebook it could help out more and show people we are active. There are so many different types of Facebook ads, I would pick the Page Post Photo Ad. I think its the easiest way to catch people attention.
As for the boost sales option, we have used that and found it to be more effective on facebook versus Instagram. Not many of our customers are on Instagram, so that may be a reason why.


1. Their advertising is not very effective. Most of these auto repair shops are small businesses so the best type of advertisement is word of mouth. These auto repair shops rarely post on their social media accounts. They really only have a Facebook or Instagram. None of the businesses I researched have a twitter.
2. What draws my attention the most is pictures. I love seeing fun colors. For example, earlier on Facebook I saw an advertisement for bath and body works and it was a picture of candles. Their call to action was that their candles were $10 today only. Their advertisement was effective because I then bought some for my mom for mothers day! :)
3. Traditional media is more expensive and less effective than social media. Social media can reach people from far places. I feel as if traditional media reaches people that live relatively close to your place of business. Plus, nowadays people use social media more than they read the newspaper or watch T.V. However, each business is d…

Week 8A

I believe the only visual networks that could work for my company would be Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I think Youtube would be a great way to show customers what we do when we work on cars. It gives them a sneak peak at what happens out in the back of the shop. It may let them feel more comfortable with someone working on their car. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with our customers and it is an easy way to message us if they have a question. You can post pictures, videos and just statuses. It's very simple to use. Instagram would be a cool way to show pictures of the team working on cars or just of cars themselves.
   I don't think Pinterest would work for an auto repair shop because you can't really shop for items there. Auto repair shops are to fix your cars, you don't just shop around for items there. Twitter isn't a great idea for my business because I live in a small town. The majority of our customers are older and don't have a twitter.…